837 Princess St. Suite 200, Kingston ON, Tel: 613-453-4377 (cell), 613-544-3396 (Office)        

M-F: 9:45AM-7PM, Weekend &. Holiday: by appointment                   

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Qi Alternative Acupuncture Clinic is located in the centre of Limestone city, Kingston, and surrounded by numbers of family physician offices, medical laboratories, medical after-hour walking in facilities, and drug stores. The building is wheelchair accessible (use the entrance of 837 Princess St.).

Parking is available along Drayton Ave (Pay & Display). Kingston Transit Bus stop is nearby.

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837 &. 847 Princess St, Suite 200 Kingston ON

Tel: 613-453-4377 (Cell), 613-544-3396 (Office)

E-mail: info@QAAClinic.com     Web: www.QAAClinic.com

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Qi Alternative Acupuncture Clinic ONLY offers alternative and complementary treatments for some health conditions. The clinic does not and can not offer any conventional (Western) medical diagnosis and treatment.